Ron Beck Coaching Philosophy

My teaching and coaching philosophy is simple – explore what the student wants and needs and help them achieve it. Anything is easy if you know how. The only true learning is through self-discovery so my approach isn’t to over teach but rather to create the optimal circumstances under which the student can learn. Every golfer has extraordinary abilities, my goal is to help them discover, utilize and enjoy them.


Every student brings a different package and will be treated as such. There are some undeniable laws of physics which determine ball flight and those must be fully understood and respected. However, there are no absolutes in technique in achieving the desired results. Some techniques are more likely to help than others, but the process is more a journey of exploration and trial and error than perfecting some pre-conceived right or wrong. Developing a functional golf swing is more about discovering the combination of parts (positions, movements and sequencing) that net the results we want.  My mission as a golf coach is to guide my students in their search, and to speed up their process of discovery. The ultimate swing goal is that the student understands, trusts and “owns” their golf swing.


To become a complete golfer, you must understand and be adept at swinging the club and making solid contact. You must also be able to make the necessary adjustments to play different types of “shots.” All the different short game shots, which are so critical to scoring, must be learned as well as the strategy of when to play particular shots. Another of my missions as a golf coach is to help you understand the learning process and to develop a plan (how to practice) to achieve your goals in all of these areas. So far, you’ve just learned the alphabet.


To write the story (play the game) we’ll work on an additional set of skills involving course and self-management. Having realistic expectations, developing a game plan, having commitments, being able to relax and focus, managing your emotions to the benefit of your game and staying in the present tense are all aspects of playing the game. When handled effectively, these attributes will help you to reach your potential.

My final mission as a golf coach is to enhance the pleasure and satisfaction in learning and playing itself, so that golf or any game, secures its role as a source of renewal, accomplishment, recreation and ease.


I look forward to seeing you on the practice tee and the links!


Coach Ron

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