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Welcome to NPI Sports, established as a research level performance company  for the advancement of technology-based player performance and athletic development. We possess both the team and the technology to develop the entire athlete and help them achieve peak performance.

Our new Enfield, Conn., studio includes both sport specific and performance training for the dedicated athlete at the high school, NCAA, MiLB, and MLB level. No teams will be based out of this facility and no cage rentals will be offered outside the offered programming. 

The technology included at NPI Sports features TrackMan Baseball, Boditrak Sports Performance Force Plate, and 4D Motion Sports for 3D Motion Capture.

We are very pleased to have Mike Tampellini serving as our Director of Baseball, Boston Red Sox Assistant Hitting Coach Peter Fatse serving as our baseball advisor, and Boston Red Sox MiLB Sports Performance Coach Joe Hudson serving as our Sports Performance Advisor.

We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve your goals this season and beyond.

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