The NPI Card Membership

How does it work?  A player that wants to be part of the NPI community and doesn't really want to participate in the full coaching programs with NPI.  This player has the opportunity to put a $250 or $500 deposit on their NPI Member Debit Card and utilize those dollars for anything with NPI.  NPI Card Members receive the following benefits.

  • 15% off Individual Lessons

  • 15% off NPI Merchandise Purchase

  • Use the balance of the card for Supervised Practice Sessions

  • Use the balance of the card for Team NPI Membership Benefits

  • More benefits are planned to be added as this program progresses

Players will receive these benefits as long as there is a balance on their Member Card.  There is no minimum or maximum reload amount.

If you had a NPI Gift Card that you would like to apply the balance to your NPI Member Card we are happy to do so. 

*Card deposits made online will be added to your member card.

** If adding an initial deposit the card the card will be mailed to you.

*** Deposits other than $250 or $500 must be made in person.