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Current and Future NPI Players, 

    The Northeast Performance Institute Team takes the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously.  On March 16th we suspended all in person coaching programs and lessons in response to the growing severity of the pandemic. During this break our team has worked diligently to further our education, actively communicate as a team, and to develop the safety protocol that is outlined below.  We take our return to coaching very seriously and with a great sense of responsibility to the wellness of our players, coaches, and most importantly the wellness of their family.  The NPI is targeting a return to private coaching and lessons in Southington and Keney Park for Wednesday, May 20th and a beginning of small group youth programming in early June.   NPI will begin private coaching and lessons in Portland immediately following the Performance Center completion. 

The NPI Safety Protocol

We Will Resume Coaching in the Red Player Protocol

Following May 20th  - Outdoor sessions only.

Portland - The Performance Center work is moving quickly and when completed we will have access to 3 studios full time.

  • Open Air sessions only on the coaching area on the public tee box or the private studios.

  • Additional information on golf course access is coming soon.

Southington - The team at Chris Cote's Golf Shop and NPI have been hard at work during this break to improve the faciliy.

  • Coaching Sessions in our outdoor studio or the brand new turf tee outdoors on TrackMan.

  • Short Game sessions on our short game facility

  • Additional information on golf course access coming soon.

Keney Park -  The NPI team is very excited to be providing instruction and coaching services for this city of Hartford Facility.

  • Coaching sessions on the practice facilities 

  • On course sessions. 

We greatly appreciate your support and we looking forward to a healthy outdoor season. 

Thank you and be well, 

Peter Egazarian, PGA, TPI3, TMM

Owner/Founder Northeast Performance Institute

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