Mike Garcia

Get to know Mike

What are some of your earliest experiences in golf? 

My earliest experiences of golf was the Travelers Championship. My stepdad and my mom would take me every year. We would go Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday then watch the weekend on TV. The first few years I only cared about getting autographs, then I slowly started to appreciate the golf being played. I was a baseball kid back then so I didn’t actually start playing golf until my freshmen year of high school.


At what point did you know that you wanted to become a teacher and focus on instruction?

I am currently enrolled at Nichols College working towards a bachelor's in Sport & Business Management with a minor in Marketing. Working at Goodwin Park has really propelled me into the golf industry. I've learned the golf genius software and I got to do summer camp instruction. I had so much fun working with the students and I knew I definitely wanted to teach children again. When I graduate from Nichols in April I will be going into the PGM program. 


What is your best golf memory?

The best golf memory that I have so far is my very first birdie. I was playing Goodwin with my stepdad and I birdied the 16th hole. The 16th hole is a tough dogleg left. I remember my dad coached me through the hole. I hit driver that came up just short of the corner. Then my dad showed me how I should hit a low draw into the back left pin and I executed the shot. Then my dad helped me read a 7-foot left to right putt which I made. I was so happy to have a birdie and it was awesome to have my stepdad there and helping me through it.


How has technology impacted your role as instructor?

Technology is awesome. We can now take video on our phones and draw all these lines to show spine angles, the path of the club head, where your head is to see if you’re lifting or staying in place. Technology has also given us Operation 36 on my phone which gives me a bunch of different drills I can have students do. 

Junior Coach


  • Currently attending Nichols College in Dudley, MA