Matt Allan


Get to know Matt

What are some of your earliest experiences in golf?

I started playing golf when I was 10 years old, I was introduced to golf by my uncle and I quickly fell in love with the game. I enrolled in the First Tee Program at Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course where I met a lot of great coaches. After a few years, I started playing competitive golf and that led me into teaching and coaching where I am today.


At what point did you know that you wanted to become a teacher and focus on instruction?

Once I was introduced to the game, I fell in love with it and I learned more and more about it and started to help other people with their games. I loved doing that so I would say sometime in high school I realized I wanted to become a golf coach and eventually a PGA Professional. 


What is your best golf memory?

My best golf memory would be earning the honor of All-State and All-New England in high school for the golf team. That was a very special moment.


Who has had the greatest influence on you in the game?

The two biggest influences would be my uncle and Coleman and Geoff at the First Tee. They guided me through everything and they taught me everything that I know today. I owe them a lot for where I am today.


How has technology impacted your role as instructor?

Technology is a great tool that I love to use when teaching golfers of any skill level. I use video a lot to break down people's swings and slow motion video allows me to see flaws and fix them for students. My favorite technology to use is TrackMan. It has so many amazing features and it really helps me with my students. 


What is your teaching philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is explaining things thoroughly so that the student understands the concepts. Also, I show students the right way with videos and hands on instruction. I feel like visual learning is key for a lot of people.


What is your swing philosophy?

Solid fundamentals. I feel like when you have a good base to build off of the whole game becomes more enjoyable and easier.


Why are you so passionate about teaching?

I'm passionate about teaching because I love helping people get better. When you see pure enjoyment from a student it makes all your hard work feel appreciated and worth it.

Lead Junior Coach

NPI-Oronoque Country Club


  • First Tee Head Coach

  • Nike Golf Camp Head Coach