Kyle Gallo

What are some of your earliest experiences in golf? 

The days growing up at Timberlin Golf course in Berlin are some of the earliest experiences and memories I have in the game of golf.


At what point did you know that you wanted to become a teacher and focus on instruction?

Helping people has always been a driving factor in my life. Since a very young age, I have always enjoyed helping people and being able to do that through the game of golf - a game that I love - makes it all the more special. 


What is your best golf memory?

My best memory is being part of the 1990 Berlin High School state championship team.


Who has had the greatest influence on you in the game of golf?

My father has had the greatest influence on me in the game. He got me started with a cut down set of clubs and I remembered following him all over the golf course when I was five years old.

How have you dealt with COVID-19 and how has it impacted your teaching?

I guess you don’t appreciate things until they are going. I have tried to be more aware of the situations that I put myself in when coaching. It’s harder to be hands on and teaching from a distance has taken some getting used to.


How has technology impacted your role as instructor?

Technology can be good and bad. From a teaching standpoint it has identified the issue that a student is experiencing more rapidly and has assisted in the correction in a more defined way. I also find that technology can become a bit much or in the weeds with the information. Simple is sometimes the best.


What is your teaching philosophy? swing philosophy?

My teaching philosophy is to get people to understand how to play the game of golf and not to focus so much on how to hit a golf ball. For most of the people I work with I find that getting them to understand a productive static position is the simplest and easiest way to get them to play better golf. That is where I put more focus on when teaching.

  • 2019 Inducted into CSGA Hall of Fame

  • 4 time CT Open Champion

  • 5 time CT Open Runner-up

  • Maine Open Champion 1999

  • Cape Cod Open Champion 2009,2014

  • Massachusetts Open Champion 2011

  • New England Open Champion 2013

  • DC open Champion 2013

  • Played in the 1995,1997,1998 US Am

  • 1997 CSGA Golfer of the year

  • Missed PGA tour by 1 shot in 2004 Q School

  • Played Nationwide Tour 2005-2009

  • Coached 2018 Northeast Conference (NEC) Team Champion at CCSU

  • Names 2018 NEC coach of the year

  • Coached the 2018 Division 1 New England Team of the year

  • Coached the 2018 NEC Player of the Year

  • Coached 2019 Commonwealth Coast Conference (CCC) individual Champion and Player of the year for Western New England University

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