Katrina Steady, M.S.
Resilience and Mental Coach

Katrina Head Shot.jpg


  • 5 years experience with Army Soldiers teaching resilience and performance tactics

  • Masters in Sports Movement Science with concentration in sport and exercise psychology 

  • Member of Association of Applied Sports Psychology

  • Adjunct Professor at Springfield College

Katrina trains golfers on their mental game, to provide them with the skills needed to reach their fullest potential as a golfer.  Golf is potentially one of the most mental sports there is, thus we have to invest time and effort into training the mental piece just as much as the physical piece.  Katrina works with golfers to identify an individualized mental game plan. See below for some of the topics covered:

Rate: $100 an hour (offering in-person or virtual sessions)

  • Confidence

  • Golfer mindset

  • Golf resiliency

  • Harness your nerves on the golf course

  • Energy management

  • Focus training

  • Visualization

  • Motivation

  • Wellness – sleep & managing stress