Evan Lambert, PGA, TPI
Lead Junior Coach
NPI Junior Development Academy


  • Assistant Golf Professional, The Hartford Golf Club

  • Member, Proponent Group

  • Connecticut Section PGA Junior Player Development Award, 2021

EL Head Shot.png

Get to know Evan

What are some of your earliest experiences in golf?

I received my first golf clubs at age 9. I remember the my father bringing me to Chanticlair Golf Course in Colchester and teeing driver up right in front of the Par 3 Island Green. It took me years to finally hit that green from the tee box!


When did you know that you wanted to become a teacher and focus on instruction?

Prior to becoming a PGA Professional, I was a music educator in Ledyard Public Schools. All my life, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. My training and education was solely focused on how to become an effective educator. When I made a career move, I was always drawn to the teaching and coaching aspect of the golf industry. My passion is youth education and that now translates into junior player development.  


What is your best golf memory?

It is difficult to pick just one memory. There are so many aspects of this game that provide such positive memories. My strongest memories are of the numerous times I have seen a student, either junior or adult, with just the happiest smile and true excitement. It is indeed a truly fulfilling experience to help someone achieve something they never thought was possible.


Who has had the greatest influence on you in the game?

I had the good fortune to have some very strong mentors in my early career as a PGA Professional. I was first given the courage to explore life as a PGA member by my first employer, Mike Myszkowski. He gave me my first push and had a huge influence on my decision to leave my educational career and pursue another career as a PGA Professional. Then, I had the incredible experience of working for Joe Connerton at The Hartford Golf Club. Joe taught me how to be the consummate professional and guided me in so many ways. I am truly grateful for all the lessons he taught me and for his guidance when I joined Northeast Performance Institute.


How has technology impacted your role as instructor?

Technology is a wonderful tool that I have used to educate and inform my students. Through work with TrackMan and other resources available to me, positive reinforcements and educational information can be easily provided to the student at any level. There is no substitute for the instructor’s continuing education, though. I utilize technology to supplement my knowledge as an instructor and coach and am always looking to learn and grow every single day.​


Do you feel you can help anyone play better golf?

I do not believe in hopeless cases. The player needs to be in the correct mindset to make changes to their golf swing. If they are not educated on the amount of time and effort it will take to make true, long lasting changes, then the coaching will be ineffective. Through clear and honest communication, as well as a discussion of realistic and achievable goals, I believe any player can be helped. 


Why are you so passionate about teaching?

I truly believe I was born to teach. I spent 5.5 years in the Ledyard Public School District, teaching Pre-K through 6th grade as well as high school and everything I learned in my undergraduate and public school career has brought me here, to NPI and junior golf specifically. There is nothing more satisfying than to see a student succeed, grow, flourish, and overcome obstacles. I am so focused everyday on how I can best share my passion for golf and help my students be the best they can be.