Dennis Coscina, PGA
PGA Golf Teaching Professional


  • 2019-20 Teaching Professional NPI

  • 2018 Gold Key Recipient

  • 2011-17 Captain-Challenge Cup Team

  • 1996-97 PGA Senior Tour Exempt Player

  • New Britain Hall of Fame

  • CSGA Hall of Fame

  • 1996 CTPGA Hall of Fame

  • 1996-97 exempt status, PGA Champions Tour

  • 2017 CT Sr. Legends Champion

  • 2016 CT Sr. Legends Champion

  • 8-time CTPGA Champion

  • 6-time CTPGA Player of the Year

  • CTPGA Senior Champion

  • 2-time Manchester Open Champion

  • Western Mass. Open Champion

  • Brownson Classic Champion

  • Competed in two U.S. Opens

  • Competed in three PGA Championships

  • Compaq World Putting Championship (9th)

  • Winner of more than 20 other Open and CTPGA Events

  • More than four decades of instruction at various clubs in Connecticut

  • Women's golf coach at Central Connecticut State University for seven years. (Won Conference Championship and competed in Regional NCAA Championship

  • Selected Coach/Teacher of the Year, CCSU.

Get to know Dennis

What are some of your earliest experiences in golf? 

Prior to the Greater Hartford Open and Travelers, the event was called the Insurance City Open. My father friended Tommy Bolt. In the practice round, as we walked beside him, Bolt talked about a new 3-wood he had in his bag. He said it was very hard to hook the ball with it. I said I could hook it and sure enough, I did. We all had a good laugh over it!


When did you know that you wanted to become a teacher and focus on instruction?

I started back in 1965 and have always enjoyed instructing. I loved watching players improve and develop more confidence in their game. I want people to enjoy the game and have fun with it.


What is your best golf memory?

I have many great golf memories. Playing in major events like U.S. Opens and PGA Championships, competing on the senior tour, winning the CSGA State Father-Son Championship, and of course winning the CTPGA Sectional Championship eight times.


Who has had the greatest influence on you in the game of golf?

My dad influenced me the most. We spent countless hours at our local driving range every night after dinner and spent time practicing in our living room and backyard. He loved the game and so did I. He was my best friend.


How has technology impacted your role as instructor?

I've always used video while instructing and TrackMan the past five years. The technology is invaluable to me and it gives the student a better understanding of what's happening in their golf swing. I don't want the student to get involved in numbers but rather focus on technique.


What is your teaching philosophy? swing philosophy?

Teaching philosophy: grip, posture, position leads to overall consistency

Swing philosophy: the less moving parts the better, compact and connected


What is the biggest obstacle you see to people picking up the game?

New golfers will being playing without any instruction and they use clubs that are typically inferior. We have to get the word out that it is beneficial for them to get started with group lessons and perhaps individual lessons. Whichever path they decide, we have to make it fun.

What makes you so passionate about teaching?

I thoroughly enjoy listening to many of my students telling me they shot their lowest score ever or they made their first hole-in-one, or they are chipping or putting better. Whatever it is, it is most gratifying that I helped make someone's day.

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