Sarah Baribeau, DPT, CSC, TPI
Golf Performance - Hartford HealthCare

Sarah is a Physical Therapist and a golf rehabilitation specialist at Hartford Healthcare’s Bone & Joint Institute’s Center for Musculoskeletal Health. She is a doctor of physical therapy and a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist and has both level 1 & 2 TPI medical certifications. She specializes in both orthopedic and sports rehabilitation with a strong interest and passion for golf. She has worked with both amateur and professional golfers to determine their level of golf physical function, readiness to return to sport and advance their physical fitness to perform better.


The Center for Musculoskeletal Health offers many screening and training opportunities including the TPI assessment, 2D & 3D golf swing analyses, and SkyTrak Golf Simulator®. Our state-of-the-art motion lab allows golfers to obtain specific data using 11 infrared cameras and 2 force plates. Sarah works with our Biomechanist to create a 3D avatar  of each golfer through their entire swing to understand their ability to generate speed and transfer the energy through their body to the ball – your kinematic sequence.


Sarah is willing to collaborate with your golf and fitness coaches or your physical therapist if you are under their care to maximize your potential by providing the screening, education and physical changes to make your game better. Hartford Healthcare Rehabilitation Network has an extensive network of clinicians throughout CT that can help facilitate your care and needs for golf related rehabilitation.

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