2 Day Golf School

with Ronald Beck, PGA

Day One


8:30-8:50        Introductions, Goals and Objectives, Instructional Preview

Pre-Swing Fundamentals PGA, Target Awareness, Ball Flight Laws


8:50-9:55        On-Line Ball Striking, Instruction and Coaching


10:00-10:15    Distance Concepts


10:15-11:20    Hybrids, Fairway Woods and the Driver


11:20-11:45    Wedge Play – Distance Control


11:45-12:00    Review, The Learning Process, How and Why to Practice


12:00-1:00      Lunch


1:00-1:15        Short Game Goals and Objectives, Instructional Preview


1:15-2:10        Putting Concepts and Instruction


2:15-3:15        Greenside Approaches – low, medium and high trajectories


3:15-3:45        Bunker Play


3:45-4:00        Review, The Learning Process, How and Why to Practice


Day Two


8:30-8:45        Preparing for the Course, Getting Organized, Play Goals and Commitments,

                        “Personal Par”, Prepping the Body


8:45-9:30        The Real World of Golf – playing different shots…curving the ball, controlling trajectory, sidehill, uphill and downhill lies, hardpan, rough, divots, first tee


9:30-12:00      Nine Holes On-Course Strategy and Coaching


12:00-1:00      Lunch and Review


1:00-2:20        On-Line Coaching on Individual Needs – Long Game


2:20-3:45        Short Game Coaching on Individual Needs


3:45-4:00        Review, A Game Worth Playing, Plan for Success

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